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ERG M 10 Refrigerant Gas  
R 600 Mono refrigerant
Domestic fridges, Wine chillers
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ERG M30 Refrigerant Gas   
Replaces; R12 and R 134a
HR 12, ER 12, FR 12
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ERG M 40 Refrigerant Gas   

R 290 Mono refrigerant

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ERG M 50 Refrigerant Gas

Replaces; R 22, R 404a, R 502,

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Hydrocarbon Refrigerants
Introduction to Hydrocarbon
GreenFreeze Technology is a company that is committed to “green practices” and would like to introduce you to “Hydrocarbon refrigerants” as a “green” and efficient way to keep yourself and others cooler for less.
Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are the latest innovation in air-conditioning and refrigeration “refrigerants” (gas) and are natural, non-toxic and don't deplete the ozone layer.
Efficient, environmentally benign, and user friendly, “Hydrocarbon refrigerants” are in our opinion, “the obvious refrigerants” to use in a wide range of applications; Hydrocarbon refrigerants are suitable to use in both new and existing installations. Everything considered they are the best choice replacement refrigerant for most existing equipment, and for many new installations. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are suitable to be used in air conditioning equipment, domestic and commercial refrigerators, freezers, in cars and trucks, farm machinery, marine applications and for industrial and mining equipment. Changing to “Hydrocarbon refrigerants” is in most cases, is a drop in conversion, with little or no retro fitting necessary. Hydrocarbon refrigerants can be used in many existing systems without changing components or oils; ask someone from GreenFreeze Technology about changing over your equipment to “Hydrocarbon Refrigerant”, you may be surprised at just how easy it is, AND HOW MUCH YOU SAVE on power.
Unlike the refrigerants that are in common use today, Hydrocarbon refrigerants are both user friendly and environmentally benign. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are cost effective, they operate at lower head pressures making them more cost efficient, and giving some very impressive power cost savings. These products are safe to use and safe for the environment, but as with any pressurised flammable products, it is important that safety procedures are in place, and are followed when they are being used.
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